Last Frontier Embroidery & Thread Art offers a direct-to-garment option. Our customers bring their concept: a picture, logo or other artwork and through the magic of computers we can transfer it onto their  items; clothing, bags, hats and more. The Direct-to Garment machine mixes the ink and applies it. Clients can fine tune the colors on the computer and separately change colors for a more custom look. You can also be confident that our inks are durable, reliable, safe, and can apply custom colors with our direct-to-garment machine. This technology allows us to offer better pricing than screen printing.

Do you have a special project or want to promote your business  or event but you're on a tight budget? Direct To Garment (DTG) is an alternative to screen printing and embroidery.

How is DTG better?

Print quality and washability are important! We want your project to look good for a long time! DTG will not disappoint. Expect vibrant color, smooth gradients, photo-realistic imaging, and a durable print that will last for dozens and dozens of washes.
Your finished product can have the screen printed feel to a heat transfer vinyl feel; we accomplish this with the thickness of ink applied.
So how does the ink work? It's engineered for producing the best quality prints possible with a direct to garment printer. It performs very well on cotton-poly blend and Tri-blend garments, and is truly impressive on 100% cotton t-shirts.

Here's an example of what DTG can do for your image at a reasonable price that embroidery can't match!
But wait- would you like to change that hot rod to blue or purple? We can do that!!

Direct-to Garment Machine